About Us


Our mission at Golden Star Learning Academy is to provide a secure and 
inspirational place for children to shine bright.


Our bright and colorful facility
encourages students to learn, engage,
and aim to become their best selves.
We have a small teacher to student ratio.

Students are exposed to 3 different languages.

Curriculum is presented using play-based learning (PBL) where they get the experience real world Math and Literacy.


Our staff is caring, bi-lingual and patient with our students. Making sure each child is nurtured properly and developing at a pace that is accommodating to their learning style. Our staff members are background checked, fully trained and are CPR certified.


Our students receive breakfast, am snack, a hot lunch, and  pm snack daily.

 Parents are required to bring formula, milk, and baby food for infants and any students with special dietary restrictions that we are unable to accommodate.   

Mealtime is learning time at our center. During our mealtimes students are taught table manners, social skills, nutrition, and cleanliness.


Parents are expected to provide diapers and wipes for children who require these items. A change of clothes is also helpful for us to keep on hand. 

Blankets for nap time can be dropped off at the beginning of the school week and picked up at the end of the week to be taken home to be cleaned.  

If any additional school supplies are needed, you will be notified by your child’s teacher. 


Ask about our special drop in rate for parents who are going on job interviews or
attending medical appointments.


If your child is running a fever, the parent will be called to come pick up the child to get medical attention. If the child vomits more than once during the course of 2 hour period, the parent will be called to come pick up the child from school. If your child has an allergic reaction to something at our facility, we will notify the parents immediately and call emergency personnel depending on the severity of the allergic reaction.

We are only authorized to administer medication for students with a current doctors note on file. We will not dispense over-the-counter medication to students in our care.