Our Program

During our full and part-time programs we care for children from 6 weeks old- through pre-k. Additionally we provide before and aftercare drop-off and pick up services for elementary schools in our area. If you want to find out if we service your child’s school please give us a call (281) 203-1011.

Don’t forget  to ask us about our sibling discount if you are enrolling more than one child!


Golden Star is a stimulating, educational, caring and fun environment to enrich the life of your child. Our curriculum provides young learners with a nurturing, innovative environment where they can develop their confidence, skills, knowledge, and exposure to multiple languages.

We teach our students age appropriate lessons throughout each school day to help them cultivate a love for life-long learning. We address our students educational, emotional and physical learning needs.

Our curriculum is frequently updated throughout the school year and assignments are frequently sent home to reinforced concepts that students are learning.


Ask about our special drop in rate for parents who are going on job interviews or
attending medical appointments.


If your child is running a fever, the parent will be called to come pick up the child to get medical attention. If the child vomits more than once during the course of 2 hour period, the parent will be called to come pick up the child from school. If your child has an allergic reaction to something at our facility, we will notify the parents immediately and call emergency personnel depending on the severity of the allergic reaction.

We are only authorized to administer medication for students with a current doctors note on file. We will not dispense over-the-counter medication to students in our care.